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Ken's Clearance Corner

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[Excal Nipples Red-Calf Picture # 1]

Excal Nipples Red-Calf 690536


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[Magnets - Ringed Ferrite-3/4

Magnets - Ringed Ferrite-3/4" x 2 3/4" 694487

Use only one magnet for each animal for the prevention of hardware disease. Administer with a ballin...

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[Pot-Pen-305g (500,000,000 IU/Pouch) Picture # 1]

Pot-Pen-305g (500,000,000 IU/Pouch) 613709

INDICATIONS: Swine: For the treatment of infections caused by penicillin susceptible Streptococcus s...

Case Qty: 24
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[Penicillin G Potasium USP Soluble Powder-15 Billion IU Picture # 1]

Penicillin G Potasium USP Soluble Powder-15 Billion IU 613530

INDICATIONS: Turkeys: As an aid in the prevention/treatment of infections due to penicillin-suscepti...

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[Rampage Bait Chunx-128 X 15g Picture # 1]

Rampage Bait Chunx-128 X 15g 604780 Farm Declaration Form Required

PESTICIDE LICENCE IS REQUIRED. Rampage is a premium rodenticide that provides producers unique advan...

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Duct Tape-Blue 912691

Duct tape has a thousand uses and one of them is colour-coding of cows. Mark your special cows with...

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